The world of fruit production is changing

External factors like larger economic areas, technical progress in communications and concentration processes in the trade have an impact upon the market.


Internal factors within the company like large capital requirements, a succession plan, image, recognition, availability of labour, safety and outlook determine the competitve power and strenght of family-owned companies.

webfruit GmbH sees itself as a service provider along the entire value-added chain, from launching new fruit varieties to giving advice on cultivation and marketing.


webfruit was founded on March 1, 2000, by Michael S. Weber. The name derives from the first three letters of Weber and being predominantly active in the fruit sector. "Web" also means that it wants to think globally and act locally and establish and cultivate international networks, also by employing state-of-the-art Internet and EDP technology. The lower case stands for the fast and efficient communication within the IT sector.


"Culture" is not only a fashionable term, nor is it something static. It is rather the expression of a dynamism actually lived. It has a temporal component. You have to give it time to grow. Culture is the expression of lived authenticity.