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A medium late sweet cherry variety with great market potential. Large, firm and glossy fruit with outstanding flavour!



Parents:                 ‚Krupnoplodnaja‘ x ‚Van‘


Productivity:           high and regular


Fruit ripens:            week 5 and 6 (large harvesting window)


Fruit Size:              12 to 14 g, 28 to 34 mm, depending on crop load


Fruit Colour:           (dark) red, more light red and less uniform with heavy crop load


Blossom:                early, S-Allele: S1 and S9 (Source: Mirko Schuster, JKI)


Pollinators:            ‚Burlat‘, ‚Vanda‘ and ‚Grace Star‘


Tree Habit:             medium to strong, wide angle, medium ramification


Susceptibility:       Monilinia fruit rot, especially with heavy crop load



Experience since 2011 in commercial orchards, since 2006 in testing orchard


Representative: webfruit GmbH, Mühl Str. 10, 88085 Langenargen, Germany


Contact: Michael Weber Internet:




Tamara is a protected variety and registered under EU Plant Variety Protection N° 200 715 44


Variety Owner: Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology Holovousy s.r.o.