The latest innovation leap with new-high-performance varieties makes a cultivation of dessert cherries very interesting. Protection against rain and bird predation makes for a new beginning. A higher planting density with slow-growing stocks is possible.


First practical experience reveal that protected conditions from budding to harvest show even more positive effects: stable yields, size, little rot and finally a continual market supply. They are further components of the concept of a professional cultivation management. For the manager, in conjunction with us, there is still the task of successfully combining these factors and a suitable location, planting density, plant care and dealing with the financial risk incurred. 

The latest planting densities for new facilities with slow-growth-inducing stocks:

1. growth fast*
Tall Spindle
Tall Spindle
Planting distance in m
4.5 x 2.5
4.0 x 2.5
Trees per ha (x 0.9)

* Fresh soils and varieties like, for example Burlat, Schneiders, Regina, Oktavia, Grace Star etc.

2. growth slow*
Tall Spindle Sleder Spindle
Planting distance in m
4.0 x 2.0 3.5 x 1.5
Trees per ha (x 0.9) 900 1714


* Pairing propagation and varieties like, for example, Kordia, Samba, Giorgia.